birds under the solar panel

From the centuries, the human is disturbing the natural environment of the earth. The man is frequently cuts down the trees to fulfil his needs. In this way, we snatch the residents of many birds and animals. The wildlife is also distributed because the cutting of trees imbalances their food. Wildlife issues are another topic but if we talk about the developed areas, due to the lack of trees, the common birds have to visit the residential roofs to make their nests for their young ones.

Pigeon nesting under solar panel:

Mostly, pigeon nesting under the solar panel. As it proffers the maximum shade and cool environment, it is suitable for their residents but on the other hand, birds under solar panels cause a problem for the man. The birds under the solar panel can damage the wires of the solar panel. Moreover, after rain, the bird’s wing may be watery, this water can fall on the sensitive areas of the panel. It may cause a short circuit in the panel and it catches the fire. Pigeon nesting under solar panel not only kills the bird under solar panel but also cause disaster if it is not noticed by the residents for a long time. To avoid such a loss, bird mitigation devices are introduced that are handy and harmless for the birds.

Birds Mitigation Devices:

No doubt, at the park, walking trail, at the top of the fountain, the birds fascinate you but at the same times, these birds are disliked by you because they eat your garden plants, pluck the flowers, and their roosting is the main concern that you dislike very much. To avoid birds in your garden, bird mitigation devices are beneficial in this regard. These bird mitigation devices assist the farmers in the real sense. The bird mitigation devices include spikes, bird repellent disks, fake owls, repellent scary reflecting taps, and many more. Some of the bird’s mitigation devices are as follows:


Rods are made up of plastic, or reflective rubber also acts as bird mitigation devices. These rods perform dual actions. These are designed in a pattern that acts as a barrier for the birds landing and on the other hand, represents the garden decor.

Fake owls:

The fake owls have a height of nearly 16 inches. The scary owl scares the birds by their colour and posture.

Bird’s lice treatment:

Regardless of the bird issues and their mitigation devices, there is a bird issue that directly or indirectly affects the human. The birds have naturally lived in the body and feathers. The bird lice treatment is necessary to preserve the bird’s health. The bird lice treatment is also necessary to stay healthy as it equally affects human health. STERIFAB and many insecticidal sprays are used for bird lice treatment.