Day: 4 December 2016

Things To Consider Before Moving In To A New House

Moving in to a new house or building a new house can be a great milestone in life. These special things sometimes make us get carried away not see reality. Reality is that before moving we have a lot of things to check before we actually decide if this place is suitable for you to live. Are there any defects? Is the location good? What about the neighborhood? There are many things to consider for a person before moving pier and beam foundation repair Here are a few things that I think you must look in to.
Area check – You will be living in this house for more than just a year. Hoping you do so you need to make sure that in that time period you will not face as many disasters and less repairs and less spending.  To do this first check how far your daily necessities are, like the grocery store, bank work place, public transport, etc. Finding a place where these places close by you can spend less on this.
Check if your area is prone disasters like floods because if so you will need to make your house properly elevated or you will need to spend money on both for a foundation underpinning and house releveling.  Once that is cleared check for drainage leaks and pipe lines and even wiring if they are all in order. If that is checked I believe you are able to go ahead.
Clean – As soon as you enter your new house make sure give thorough cleaning to the sweep, dust, and mop and wash the entire house.  You may take even go ahead and hire a cleaning service to get done for you if you do not have the time for it.
Locks and switches – Make sure you change the locks of the house because who knows where or who your previous home owner had given all the keys to.  The thought of that they could just walk in to your house even at the middle of the night without your knowledge is not good.
Replace your switches if you can. Some can faulty and might cause you to blow a fuse. Hiring someone would be ideal unless you can do it yourself and have a good knowledge about electricity.
Finally, I would be getting some curtains for the windows. They are not just for the view of it but to instill some privacy in your homes. As new neighbors you will have the whole neighborhood look at your house so just to make sure you keep your privacy I would suggest getting some curtains up on your windows.