Day: 23 July 2017

Baby Shower Over The Years

Baby showers are something of a regular in the modern day. Almost all mothers to be are given a surprise baby shower that is either organized by their friends or family. This happens especially if it is the first pregnancy for that couple. It’s not that the occasion was not being celebrated in the days gone by, but now the way it is celebrated has changes in so many ways. The times have changes and so have the way people treat the traditions of the olden days. Even though the tradition id followed it has undergone so many changes that most people find it difficult to identify that these events are actually the same tradition that was carried out so many years ago.

For example a bridal shower or hen party of the modern day also existed in those days but it was not the wild party that is now. It was a more subtle affair. It was an occasion held before the wedding for the bride to receive well wishes and blessings according to different religions and cultures. But now it’s more of a wild party that the bride has with her friends and family to have one last night of freedom before they become bounded by the restrictions of marriage. It’s the same story with a baby shower. In the days gone by the elders and people in the town will walk in for evening tea with a do it yourself baby hamper Australia in hand.

The mother to be herself has invited the people over and they are coming to wish her well for the delivery of the baby and give her the moral support she needs during these stressful times.But these days you will find that the baby shower is always a surprise party arranged for the mother to be. Where she is recieves a new baby gift delivery. It’s an occasion celebrated with a lot of decorations and a lot of food and drink. And also includes music and dancing. And this is the reason that people fail to recognize these traditions of the modern times.

Because the changes that have been made to the way they are carried and celebrated have made them look like fun parties instead of showcasing the poignancy of the occasion. So maybe it’s time we gave a thought to the purpose of actually having such events and returning to the old and simple ways that they were celebrated in. because although simply done they did hold a lot of importance.